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Why Do I Need Mexican Insurance?

The traffic laws in Mexico are similar to the laws in the United States to some degree. However, it is how these laws are applied that differentiate each country and why Mexican auto insurance is necessary for any US citizens travelling to Mexico. While the United States law is based on the English Common Law, meaning that you are innocent until proven guilty, in Mexico the opposite is true. Mexican law is based on the Napoleonic code which implies guilt over the presumption of innocence.

There have been several changes to the vehicle insurance requirements in Mexico. First and foremost, you need to have Mexican car insurance when visiting the country. Fortunately, you can easily buy Mexican insurance from Ayuda Hispana’s Mexican Insurance right here.

What does Mexican auto insurance cover?:

Unlike the standard US car insurance policy, a Mexican car insurance policy only covers items that the policy specifically states that it covers. This is known as the Named peril policy and is different from the standard policies in the US and Canada.

There are five basic risks that a Mexican car insurance policy covers:

-Collision Damage, Upset and Broken Glass
-Fire and Car Theft
-Property Damage Liability Coverage
-Bodily Injury Liability Coverage
-Medical Expenses for Injuries Resulting from The Accident
-All the Mexican Insurance policies we offer also include legal services and bail bonds as an added bonus.

The Difference Between the US and Mexican Insurance
The difference between the United States and Mexico is that according to the financial responsibility law in Mexico, anyone who was involved in a traffic accident in Mexico must be financially able to cover the damage or injuries which resulted from the accident. As we previously mentioned, since you are guilty until proven innocent in Mexico, you need to be able to cover these expenses if you are involved in a car accident in Mexico, whether through cash, credit card or a Mexican auto insurance policy.

If you are involved in an accident on Mexican soil, you will not be able to use your US or Canadian insurance policy to cover for the damage. If you don’t have a Mexican insurance policy, your car may be impounded or worse, you may face arrest until the details of the accident are settled. If you don’t have enough money on you to cover the accident, this might take some time.

Furthermore, you may not be able to explain your case in English, depending on the area of Mexico you visit. English is not spoken in some areas of the country, making resolving the issue all the more difficult.

Going through an accident is a disruption enough, one that can completely ruin your holiday to Mexico. But not having Mexican auto insurance as a backing, this can get all the more complicated. That’s one compelling reason to find the best Mexican car insurance company near you and purchase one, as purchasing Mexican auto insurance at the border may not always be possible (and will certainly cost more).


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