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The Right Home Insurance Policy for You

Ayuda Hispana Insurance offers travel insurance coverage for those who value the investment they’ve made in a vacation and depend on comprehensive coverage for themselves and their families.

Why do I need travel insurance?

The fact is, travel insurance can be the most important purchase you hope to never use. You cannot predict falling seriously ill or being injured in a foreign country, but you can prepare for it. We’re here to provide you with financial and assistance support for when the unimaginable – but not impossible – strikes. With the right travel insurance, you can be covered for more than just those dire circumstances, too. The following examples are a few of the benefits you may be eligible to receive after purchasing travel insurance:

-If your baggage is lost or delayed en route to your destination or home, we’ll help you find or replace it.

-If you are injured in a rental car collision navigating tricky roads abroad, our Rental Car Collision coverage will cover it.

-If you or your spouse goes into labor and you need to cancel your trip, we’ll refund it.

-If a family member passes away while you’re abroad and you need to return home early, we’ll refund your unused, nonrefundable costs – including hotels, entertainment, and flights.

-If inclement weather strikes and you are unable to begin or continue your travel, we’ll refund your trip or help you get home.

-If a medical emergency occurs in a remote area and you need advice, in English, to find the closest, best hospital for your needs, we’re standing by.

-If you lose your wallet and passport abroad, we’ll help you replace your wallet and passport and obtain emergency cash.

The above are just a few examples of how travel insurance protects your interests and needs during travel. We know that whether you’re relaxing on vacation or focus on business, you don’t have time to worry about your health or belongings in emergency situations. That’s what travel insurance is for. And, for the record, when it comes to booking that last round of golf or restaurant reservation, no one has a more knowledgeable, capable staff.


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