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In what seasons do floods occur?

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Flood Insurance, In what seasons do floods occur?

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Floods are dangerous and costly events that occur naturally. They can also be caused by industrial development and human transformation of the planet. Floods can develop during frequent and heavy rains. Other factors that also influence floods are the characteristics and conditions of the soil as well as the topography of the landscape. The American Red Cross states that about 90 percent of the damage caused by natural disasters is due to flooding and the debris they carry. Floods cause an average of 100 deaths each year in the US alone.


Flood seasons

Floods are very common in many areas of the United States and can be frequent during certain times of the year in certain areas. Although there is no specific flood season, most flooding occurs in the US between spring and fall. Flooding is also more likely to occur in areas where seasonal storms are more frequent and where flood-prone topography, such as the upper desert floor or a location along the coast.


Beginning of spring

In early spring, areas near places that had received heavy snowfall during winter are at risk of flooding, such as areas at the foot of snow-laden mountains. Melting ice caused by warmer temperatures can increase the flow of streams and ditches if an excessive amount of snow falls during the winter months. Industrial development can exacerbate the problem by removing or covering soil and vegetation, which absorb water, preventing floods.


Spring and summer

Seasonal thunderstorms during the spring and summer months bring heavy rain to many areas of the US and cause severe flooding. Areas like the southwestern United States are affected by seasonal monsoon storms during this time of year. Flash floods, or flash floods that can develop in a few hours or even minutes, are typical in some areas during this season.


Summer and autumn

Nearby coastal and inland areas can be affected by flooding during this time of year due to seasonal tropical storms. Areas like Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas are often the hardest hit by this type of seasonal climate. Often forming severe hurricanes and creating nationwide disasters, these areas fight seasonal battles with intense storms.

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